Sunday, 23 March 2014

WEARING | Mandala Blue

So I saw Pixie Lott in this skirt a while back and knew I had to get it in my wardrobe and at £28 and a voucher code for 20% off I had to grab it! I think the colours in the skirt go so well with the baby pink crop polo I bought at the same time but also grabbed a similar cut-out one in black to make the skirt more versatile for a night out with a pair of chunky heels. This outfit ending up being a tad too girly for me once pairing the skirt with the crop top hence why I added my chunky cut-out River Island boots I got a few months back. This being my first outfit post please be kind and I'm sorry I'm so ghostly pale but unfortuantly I don't tan like the rest of my family and faking it is just too much effort for me aha! 

Skirt// Motel
Boots//River Island 


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