Monday, 14 April 2014

WEARING | Candy Girl

Happy Monday girliesss,
So the sun was shining so it was another excuse to try and get some sun to my pale white legs in this gorgeous crepe skort (found here) from BooHoo. The skort comes in 3 different colours but I choose black as I find the colour easy to work with and knowing me white would get dirty far too quickly haha! I paired it with this lovely crop lightweight fisherman knit jumper also from Boohoo (found here) which comes in a whole range of colours so if pink isn't for you you'll be sure to find a colour that is! Pastel colours seem to be everywhere at the moment which I love as I find the tones suit my snow white like complexion aha. Also great as I managed to use my cute pastel mint bag I picked up from h&m 2 years ago!

I wore my chunky cut out boots as per as I'm yet to find a new pair of shoes I love! But for now these are a perfect spring boot as the cut out makes them a warmer weather alternative to boots (':  


Monday, 7 April 2014

YOUTUBE | OhSammiii

So for many of you that don't know, I have a youtube channel and have done for quite a while now. I started my channel about 2 years ago and use to film on a weekly basic. Due to certain circumstances at the time I ended up deleting all my videos despite a few of my videos having more than 20,000 views. I decided to give it another shot and get back into the swing of filming again. If you know me in person or have followed me on instagram for a while you'll know I like to switch my hair colour up a lot and am obsessed with makeup so that's mostly what I do on my channel. Check it out and subscribe if you like! Feel free to send me any requests (': 

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