Saturday, 28 December 2013

Testing Out...

So a few weeks back me and a friend had a day out in London to meet a photographer who wanted to shoot me. 
It all came about when I applied for Suicide Girls, which I am yet to finish the whole process as you need a 'full set' to become a 'hopeful'. A photographer from SG saw my application and contacted me asking if I would like to do a shoot in London when she comes to visit for a month. I jumped at the chance to work with her after checking out her blog. I decided it would be a fun experience and would also help me realise if this is something I really want to get into or not. So I set a date with her meeting in a London hotel and said I wanted my pictures to be something similar to what you see on SG and FRONT; as I collect the magazine which made it easy for me to show her what I wanted to achieve and as a little bit of inspiration.
I had never done anything like this before so I was extremely nervous! But as we got further into it I was having so much fun! We played music which helped me relax and having my friend there helped my confidence. I found the confidence to do a few topless ones but as I don't have any fully nude, I unfortunately can't use them as a full set for my SG profile.

So here are a few of the shots. Decided not to post the topless ones as I want to keep them for professional people interested in shooting/working together. Really hope to get into this professionally at some point in the near future!



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