Tuesday, 27 May 2014

HAIR | Oh Haiii Mermaid Hair...

 Hair Extension ~ FoxyLocks

Can we just take a moment to admire my floral crown...

 Floral Crown ~ Crown and Glory 

So if you keep updated with my instagram and whatnot you'll know I've recently started wearing hair extensions again. I've had these for a few months now but only recently decided it was that time again, time to become a mermaid. I absolutely love this brand of hair extensions which I purchased from Foxy Locks. I've used them a few times before and always go back to them as they are of such high quality of hair. 
I kinda want to purchase a second pair to dipdye turquoise like I did a couple years back and become a real mermaid but this will have to do for now aha!

Also filmed a video over on my YouTube channel on how I clip my extensions in and style them. Hope this helps as I've received a ton of messages on them recently. 

Top ~ Missguided 
Necklaces ~ Topshop


BEAUTY | Green Lined Eyes

Instagram pictures ~ OhSammiii

YouTube ~ OhSammiii

Hii lovelies,
So I hope you all had a lovely bank holiday weekend and were just as lazy as me! I decided to sit around and play about with makeup all afternoon and came up with this after some inspiration from watching one of my favourite youtubers update video's Augusta Jeorgia (found here). I played about with my makeup and came up with something very similar. I don't tend to wear colour on my waterline/bottom lash line, so it was something different for me but also very quick and easy.
Hope you like it! 


Wednesday, 14 May 2014

WEARING | YourEyesLie

So I just thought I would blog my outfit of the day seeing as I wasn't up to anything special but thought I'd take some snaps anyway. I bought this top off the gorgeous blogger Amy Valentine some time last year and it's just so easy to throw on and team with pretty much anything. I also found the giant 'sad face' rather appropriate for my cbt session I had that day as I hadn't been feeling great recently and the top pretty much sums that up aha! My therapist found it rather amusing too haha!

Top | Your Eyes Lie
Disco Pants | American Apparel
Lipstick | MAC Vagas Volt  


Monday, 12 May 2014


Hi guys!
 So there's not much to say about this playsuit except that I am absolutely in love with it! My sister bought it for me as an early birthday pressie and I just can't thank her enough. I have a very small waist and big hips so as this playsuit is elasticated around the waist it helps flatter me a bit better. The pattern is gorgeous and it kinda has a watercolour effect to it. It's perfect to dress up for a night out or just chuck on a cardigan for a more casual look. Absolutely in love with it and definitely want to pick up some more of these from Oh My Love.

 Cardigan | NewLoook
Playsuit | OhMyLove