Saturday, 3 January 2015

Hair | Pastel Pink Hairrr

(pink hair after 3 weeks)

Been a while I know, life has got in the way. Last year was pretty tough for me (personal reasons) but I want to get back into blogging and youtube properly again, So to start this year here is an old post I didn't get around to posting. I did of course upload the video to my YouTube channel a month ago but didn't get around to uploading it to here, so here it is! 

I get bored easily with my hair (as you may have guessed by now) and I recently started working with the Matrix range in my salon. To achieve pastel hair I usually opt for a pot of directions dye and mix with a white conditioner. Yet these Matrix colours have become a new favourite but unfortunately they don't come in a wide range of colours so I do still opt for a pot of directions if I fancy mint or blue hair. Matrix colorgraphics works more or less the same way. You add desired amount of colour (in this case pink/magenta) then either add their tube of clear to pastelise it or in this case as I was at home it was easier for me to grab my trusty conditioner and get going!

So quick and easy to apply then wait half and hour and wash off! Good to go!
All these semi-permanent colours they say to apply to towel dried shampooed hair, however, in my case my hair is so fine and soft it would only last 1-2 washes! Instead of the usually 8-12, so I always apply to shampooed, dried hair. That was my cuticles are open to accept the colour in but dry enough to grab to it as my hair is just too silky even damp/towel dried so it just doesn't grab! 

Hope this is useful for you ladies! I did however get bored before Christmas and switched my hair up again aha! This time I couldn't decide which colour to go for so went for my 3 favourites! Pink, lilac and mint!

(First attempts)

(Re-fresh before Christmas day)

Let me know if you want a tutorial but it's pretty easy! 


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